(WASHINGTON, DC.) – Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) has been named to the powerful House Committee on Rules for the 116th Congress. He will continue to serve on the House Judiciary Committee, where he also served in the 115th Congress.

“I’m excited to join the Rules Committee, where I will fight every day for my constituents and all Americans by ensuring that our policy priorities are brought to the House Floor,” said Raskin. “On Rules, we will be on offense advancing the Majority’s strong positive agenda, including action on prescription drug price reform and quality health care for all, climate change and the green new deal for revitalizing America’s infrastructure, voting rights protection and democracy reform, a universal criminal background check and gun violence reduction, the Dream Act, and comprehensive immigration reform.”

“As a member of the Judiciary Committee and an expert on constitutional law, Congressman Raskin is already a proven leader in Congress. We need his voice on our committee as we confront so many of these issues today. I welcome him to the committee and look forward to working together this Congress,” said Rules Committee Chairman James P. McGovern.

The Rules Package for the 116th Congress adopted by the House yesterday included a proposal coauthored by Rep. Raskin to require a committee hearing and markup on bills and joint resolutions reported to the House Rules Committee for consideration.

“Prior to my time in Congress, I spent a decade in the Maryland State Senate, where regular order ruled the day and we passed major legislation with bipartisan support,” said Raskin. “My provision in the House Rules package ensures that every bill and resolution that comes before the Rules Committee has at least one hearing and markup in the committee of jurisdiction. I’m looking forward to engaging the public in an open and transparent legislative process from start to finish and conducting open and honest debate in the Committee with our great Chairman Jim McGovern, Ranking Member Tom Cole, and my colleagues from both sides of the aisle.”