(WASHINGTON, DC.) – Rep. Don Beyer today led a group of 25 House Democrats warning White House Chief of Staff John Kelly about the growing threat to national security presented by Senior Adviser Jarod Kushner’s continued presence in the White House. The Members cited a series of reports raising red flags about Kushner’s security clearance issues and conflicts of interest, and called upon Kelly to fire Kushner immediately.

The Members wrote:

“In the wake of the scandal surrounding former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, little confidence remains about information security among White House staff... The Washington Post reported last week that Mr. Kushner is seen as a potential asset by foreign countries, including the United Arab Emirates, China, Mexico, and Israel.

“A January report in the New Yorker identified Kushner as the focus of a concerted influence operation by Chinese officials. The same story noted that Kushner discussed his own business interests and the foreign policy of the United States with respect to China in the same meeting with a Chinese official.

“The New York Times reported that Kushner’s real estate business received large loans from Citigroup and Apollo Global Management after Kushner met with representatives of those companies at the White House. That story states that Kushner discussed securing a position in the Administration for one of Apollo’s founders months before Kushner Companies received an unusually large loan of $184 million from Apollo. Such interactions give the distinct impression that corruption is occurring at the White House, in plain sight and without consequence.

It is impossible for the American people or their elected Representatives to have faith that Jared Kushner will put their interests above his own personal and financial interests… The only path forward is clear: Jared Kushner must resign immediately. If he will not, we believe it is your duty as White House Chief of Staff to fire him.”

The full text of the letter is available here.