(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) today joined Reps. Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO) and Michael Kelly (R-PA) and more than 50 lawmakers in sending a bipartisan letter encouraging the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to extend its deadlines to allow families with dependents to receive the full amount of their Economic Impact Payment. The deadline for Americans to file their information with the IRS was Wednesday, April 22.

The lawmakers wrote: “If we fail to get this lifeline to these children, we will be depriving them of the food and sustenance they need to make it through this crisis. This cohort of constituents disproportionately represent those most vulnerable to the coronavirus and, consistent with available guidance and best practices, every effort should be made to assist these families.”

According to recent reporting, approximately one million children may be deprived of the $500 payment intended to assist families in the CARES Act if they failed to complete an online form by noon this past Wednesday. However, the IRS sent out a “special alert” notifying the public of this deadline only two days before it expired. The notice required Social Security recipients and retirees caring for children to complete an online form under an unreasonable deadline and on a website with varying degrees of technical difficulties for many Americans.

“We cannot shortchange families struggling to put food on the table because of an arbitrary and unnecessary deadline that was only publicly announced by the IRS two days prior,” said Congressman Cleaver. “For even one child to be deprived of this funding would be shameful, but the potential for one million is utterly unconscionable.”

You can find the official letter with a list of co-signers here.