Raskin to Bring Reproductive Rights Advocate and IVF Expert Rebecca O’Connor to State of the Union Address as his Guest

MD-08 Constituent A National Leader for Reproductive Freedom and Health—and Mom to Two IVF Daughters

March 6, 2024

Washington, DC—Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) announced he will bring his constituent Rebecca O’Connor, Director of the nonpartisan American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Center for Policy and Leadership, to President Biden’s State of the Union Address this Thursday, March 7th. Ms. O’Connor’s expertise in, and advocacy for, reproductive medicine are in high demand these days.

“I’m delighted that Rebecca O’Connor will join me at President Biden’s State of the Union Address and bring her remarkable expertise in reproductive health care policy and her personal family experience with IVF to Capitol Hill,” said Rep. Raskin. “Rebecca and I share with President Biden the belief that reproductive rights are basic human rights and the conviction that America must protect essential health care services like IVF and abortion against the kind of theocratic agendas and political repression you read about in the Handmaid’s Tale.”

Rep. Raskin continued: “I look forward to President Biden addressing the nation this week and sharing his vision of how America can continue to guard our freedom at home, defend peace and human rights on the world stage, grow our economy and strengthen our democratic political institutions in 2024 and beyond.”

As Director of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Center for Policy and Leadership, Rebecca O’Connor leads the organization’s efforts to advance reproductive health medicine and access in policy. She is also the proud mother of two twelve-year-old IVF daughters, Elyse and Charley.

Ms. O’Connor has also held leadership roles at ASRM, RAINN, the Parkinson’s Action Network, and the District of Columbia Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She received her BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College and her JD from Vermont Law School, which awarded her its inaugural Social Justice Scholar Award in 2016.