Washington, D.C.—As top U.S. officials continue efforts to broker peace in the Middle East amid news of a potential framework agreement between Israel and Hamas, U.S. Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) released the following statement:  

“On this 111th day of war and horror in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, the United States and our allies must redouble our efforts to bring this brutal cycle of terror, death, captivity, bombardment, displacement and famine to an end. It is the cause of all humanity to demand that Hamas return more than 130 hostages still being held captive—Israeli, American and other nationalities—to their families and their freedom. I raise my voice alongside the families of Israeli hostages who are marching in the streets of Israel every day demanding their loved ones’ safe return home.   

“The world must urgently prioritize immediate return of the hostages, a complete bilateral ceasefire, the removal of the Hamas terrorists from operational control of Gaza, the end of the bombardment of the civilian population, and a global humanitarian surge of food, water, medical supplies and power to the besieged Gazan population to end this wretched disaster of human suffering.   

“This is, by all accounts, a human catastrophe. Over 1,200 Israelis were murdered by Hamas terrorists on October 7. To date, over 25,000 Palestinians, including 16,000 women and children, have been killed and close to the entire population of the Gaza Strip has been displaced. Palestinian civilians have nowhere to shelter from the ceaseless rain of bombs and countless children are starving as the fighting delays lifesaving food, water and medicine.   

“The United States and the world must urgently work for a pragmatic strategy for durable peace in the region while we develop a comprehensive Marshall Plan-style reconstruction plan for Gaza and Israel. A peace strategy must renew concrete talks for the long-awaited two-state solution to end this nightmare by establishing democracy and security for all the people of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.”