WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) today released the following statement following his vote on H. Res. 311.

“This year marks 75 years of the independent state of Israel. The nation was founded in 1948 in the immediate wake of the Nazi genocide of six million Jews, and it was recognized minutes after its founding by President Harry Truman and the people of the United States. I am proud to celebrate this important milestone in this history of freedom, human rights, and democratic self-determination, which is why I voted in favor of H. Res. 311.

“As we reflect on the last 75 years of regional war and peace in the Middle East, and the struggle against terrorism and for human rights there, we must not omit the fact that the U.S.-Israeli relationship is one based on values of authentic democracy, human rights for all and profound respect for religious pluralism—and those values are being systematically threatened today by multiple extremist policies of the current right-wing Israeli administration under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The government’s proposed judicial reforms would radically change the character of Israel's liberal democracy, which is why hundreds of thousands of patriotic, pro-democracy Israelis have taken to the streets to try and block this outrage. Furthermore, escalating extremist rhetoric and violent tensions in Israel and the West Bank risk imperiling the future of an essential two-state solution.

“We are obviously in a dark time with respect to peace in the region, but we must continue to work for paths to mutual security, prosperity and trust-building. As we celebrate this significant and moving anniversary, I remain committed to sustained support for Israel and all of our allies to promote mutual security, the rule of law, human rights for all and democratic values and institutions.”