WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) joined Senator Ed Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in reintroducing the Green New Deal Resolution (GND).  The GND Resolution envisions a 10-year national mobilization, akin to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, that would put millions to work in good-paying, union jobs repairing the nation’s infrastructure, reducing air and water pollution, and fighting the intertwined economic, social, racial and climate crises crippling the country. A copy of the resolution can be found here.

“Climate change is a civilizational emergency,” said Rep. Raskin. “It is not an ‘issue’ but the prism through which we must decide every public policy issue facing us. The world faces the converging catastrophes of rising sea levels, vanishing glaciers, spreading drought, accelerating forest fires, proliferating floods, increasing extinction of species, dramatically expanding civil conflict and population displacement, and rising illness associated with dirty air and foul drinking water. The devastating dynamics of global warming are placing our ecosystems and our civilization in peril.  Now is the time for a sweeping Green New Deal to break our lethal carbon addiction, safeguard frontline and vulnerable communities, and propel a just transition forward into the future.”

In the two years since the Green New Deal was first introduced, lawmakers both chambers of Congress have introduced more than a dozen pieces of legislation across multiple sectors of the economy that build upon the principles of the Resolution. Two new bills were introduced this week, which Rep. Raskin co-sponsored: The Green New Deal for Cities Act and the Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act.  

Thirteen new co-sponsors joined the Resolution this year: Senator Alejandro Padilla and Reps. Kaiali’i Kahele, Tony Cardenas, Cori Bush, Sara Jacobs, Jake Auchincloss, Nikema Williams, Jamaal Bowman, Mondaire Jones, Ritchie Torres, Marie Newman, Katie Porter, and Teresa Leger Fernández.

The Green New Deal Resolution of 2021 is endorsed by the following organizations: Association of Flight Attendants - CWA, Service Employees International Union, People's Action, Corazon Latino, CENTER FOR POPULAR DEMOCRACY, Indivisible, The Green New Deal Network, Working Families Party, Greenpeace USA, Sunrise Movement, Justice Democrats, Organic Consumers Association, Climate Justice Alliance, Future Coalition, Labor Network for Sustainability,  National Domestic Workers Alliance, Common Defense, NDN Collective, United for Respect, Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, United We Dream, 350.org, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and more. 

Quotes from Sen. Markey, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, additional co-sponsors and endorsing organizations can be found below. 

“The Green New Deal isn’t just a resolution, it is a revolution,” said Senator Markey in a statement. “In the past two years, the Green New Deal has become the DNA of climate action, and the principles of jobs, justice, and climate action are now widely represented in legislation and state and local actions across the country. The Green New Deal provides the framework we need to confront the intersecting crises our country faces -- climate change, a public health pandemic, racial injustice, and economic inequality. We can transform our economy and our democracy for all Americans by addressing the generational challenge of climate change. We have the technology to do it. We have the economic imperative. We have the moral obligation. We just need the political will.” 

“The Green New Deal has three core components: jobs, justice and climate,” said Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in a statement. “The dozens of bills that have sprung from this resolution since we introduced it two years ago all contain 1) a commitment to creating good-paying union jobs; 2) prioritizing frontline and vulnerable communities disproportionately affected by climate change - including communities of color, indigenous land, deindustrialized communities and fossil fuel hubs; and 3) reducing greenhouse gas emissions from human sources by 40 to 60% within 10 years and net-zero global emissions by 2050, in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s finding that global temperatures must not increase more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrialized levels in order to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change.”

“Climate change is an existential threat that we need to begin tackling with bold action,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “The Green New Deal outlines a pathway for a full transition to 100 percent renewable electricity at the federal level and ensures that we leverage the skills and ingenuity of the American workforce in the process. There is no longer a debate about whether climate change is real, the only conversation left is how we reverse its course. We do not have time to wait. We are the generation that will heal our planet. I’m grateful for the leadership of my colleague Representative Ocasio-Cortez for leading this effort and mobilizing a movement of engagement around this pressing issue. Now is the time for action.”

“2020 saw some of the worst climate catastrophes in history—with wildfires raging on the West Coast, an increase in hurricanes and cyclones, heatwaves in Australia and the Arctic, and flooding around the world. My home state of Minnesota is one of the fastest warming states in the country. With each day that passes it becomes more and more clear that a Green New Deal is needed to confront the existential threat of the climate crisis and to create the millions of job in the process. When we introduced and pushed elements of the Green New Deal in 2019, we were called radical. Now a bold climate and jobs agenda is at the center of the new administration’s policy agenda. I am proud to join this resolution—and to introduce key components of it, including the End Polluter Welfare Act and the Zero Waste Act. Together, we will confront this crisis,” said Rep. Ilhan Omar. 

“We need a Green New Deal because our children and grandchildren are getting a sorry deal from those addicted to fossil fuels and fossilized thinking,” said U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas). “We need the ambitious goals of the Green New Deal to overcome the climate deniers and delayers and grow good, green jobs in an equitable and responsible way.”

 “We need to prepare America for our future, and that means reorienting our economy to focus on people while ensuring a healthy climate for future generations. That is why I am so proud to once again join Rep. Ocasio-Cortez to reintroduce the Green New Deal. After yet another historic recession, the Green New Deal makes investments to ensure that we rebuild our economy in a way that rises to the urgency of the climate crisis while creating high-paying union jobs and a fairer, more just society. And, crucially, it does so in a way that uplifts all Americans and tears down the divisions that have contributed to racial and economic inequalities so that we can all share in this more prosperous future,” said Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27).

“In California and across the country, Americans are grappling with the deadly effects of climate change, including extreme weather events and water scarcity. It is past time we implement bold solutions that meet the scope and urgency of this crisis while also creating good-paying jobs,” said Congressman Mark DeSaulnier. "I strongly support the Green New Deal to lay out a path to defeat this crisis for our constituents, the workforce, the world, and future generations.”

“In 2019 we made it our mission to pass a Green New Deal. Three years later, we are still facing the ticking time bomb of the climate crisis, but now alongside the highest levels of joblessness since the Great Depression,” said Varshini Prakash, Executive Director of Sunrise Movement. “We are in a civilization altering moment in our history and it’s time for America’s political leaders to muster the courage and moral clarity to pass the Green New Deal, launching America’s biggest job creation program in a century while combating climate change. At a crucial moment like this, politicians have a choice to make: they can heed the call demanded by science and justice to build back better through a Green New Deal, or they can cower to the fossil fuel industry and force us down a path of destruction, towards the fires that burned our homes to rubble and the floods that took our family and friends with them. Young people have made our choice clear – and now we demand politicians join us by passing a robust Civilian Climate Corps and ushering in the decade of the Green New Deal.”

"Climate change is not only an environmental concern—it has economic and financial repercussions as well. This is why I was eager to support the Green New Deal as an original co-sponsor last Congress and am pleased to be co-sponsoring its reintroduction today,”  said Rep. Vargas. “The Green New Deal encourages further federal investments into renewable energy to fight climate change and create jobs, in a time when we need it most."

“Today we reaffirm our commitment to the relentless pursuit of environmental justice. Climate change is the existential crisis of our time, and in this critical moment, we must be bold and unapologetic in confronting it,” said Rep. Pressley. “It’s time to create millions of green jobs and set us on a path to a just and equitable recovery. The Green New Deal meets the moment and I’m proud to join my colleagues and our and partners inthe movement for environmental justice to reintroduce this bill.”

“Climate change is the greatest threat to our planet’s existence and our nation has a duty to invest boldly to protect the future of our planet,” said Congressman Pocan. “After decades of forever wars waged over oil costing trillions of dollars—it’s time we reinvest in the needs of the American people and move towards a future reliant on renewable energy not planet-destroying fossil fuels. The Green New Deal is not only an investment to protect our planet, but a vehicle to bring millions of jobs and economic prosperity to our country. We cannot just ignore climate change out of existence, our planet depends on us taking real action to combat this crisis.”

“The climate crisis is an existential threat, and we must take bold, comprehensive action to save our planet for future generations,” said Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (TX-16). “I am proud to be an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal resolution to protect our environment, create millions of green jobs, and counteract systemic injustices in low-income communities and communities of color.”

“I am proud to be an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and to represent a generation that is taking on climate change with the urgency it deserves. Now is the time to take action — to protect our planet and our future and to build a more just and livable society for everyone,” said Rep. Sara Jacobs. 

“I signed onto the Green New Deal to ensure that our most affected workers—those who make traditional cars and trucks, pipefitters, boilermakers, coal miners—have a seat at the very center of the table as we make policy to transition to a green economy,” said Congressman Andy Levin. “We have an incredible opportunity to create an industrial policy that makes sure new technologies that green the economy are made in the U.S. by union labor, from supply chains to finished products. This framework calls for the creation of millions of good, high-wage, unions jobs, encourages collective bargaining agreements and guarantees direct replacement of lost wages, health care, retirement and other benefits for workers affected by the transition. I will continue to work with colleagues to build out the policies of this framework and ensure prosperity and economic security for all Americans.”

“Climate change is real, it is an existential threat to our nation and planet, and it is happening at an alarming rate. The detrimental effects are already here, with longer dry spells causing droughts while violent storms flood areas and destroy infrastructure. These conditions create scores of climate refugees who must seek new homes,” said Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. “The United States has been responsible for more than a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions since 1850, so we have a significant responsibility to help address global climate change. I’m proud to co-sponsor the Green New Deal resolution because our nation’s action is past-due. Daily, we see extreme weather, devastating wildfires, and increased hurricanes and flooding. We must commit to action that will effect real change in sectors of transportation, power, and others that are crucial to combatting the climate crisis.”

"Since I first ran for mayor of my hometown in the early 90s, addressing the climate crisis has been an issue. Today, it's even worse with once in a hundred year storms every year, rising tides, and yearly forest fires," said Congressman Tom Suozzi. "Being bold and ambitious is the only way we will address this crisis. America needs a Green New Deal."

“Climate change isn’t something we can wait to address, we need to take serious measures to tackle this issue head on. This isn’t a partisan issue, this is about facts and science. We all need to join together and take action that will help us sustain a healthy planet, while making sure that no communities are left behind. The goals outlined in the Green New Deal would do just that. That’s why I’m proud to join Representative Ocasio-Cortez in introducing it today,” said Rep. John B. Larson.

“We must invest in policies that balance environmental sustainability with economic stability,” said Congressman Kaiali?i Kahele (HI-02). “With the Green New Deal, we can create millions of new jobs that have been lost to globalization and unlock the potential of a green economy for future generations. I am proud to be an original cosponsor of this bold national framework to address the global climate crisis, invest in a carbon neutral economy and commit Hawai?i to 100% renewable energy by 2045.”

“Addressing the climate crisis is imperative for the health of our communities and our planet,” said Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici. “The Green New Deal is an ambitious plan that meets the moment and outlines a vision for climate action that will create good-paying jobs and begin to repair the legacy of environmental racism and pollution that has disproportionately burdened low-income communities and communities of color for decades.”

“The original introduction of the Green New Deal transformed the conversation on climate change,” said Congresswoman Cori Bush (MO-01). “People have marched, organized, and voted to demand that we make our dreams of a Green New Deal into a reality. Together, our movement has worked to flesh out chapters that legislate in defense of Black lives, create thousands of jobs, and aspire towards the safe and just environments we want to live in.”

“When we say we’re fighting for a Green New Deal, we’re fighting for clean air and clean water for our kids. We’re fighting for living wages and good-paying union jobs to transform our energy system. We’re fighting to end racial injustice, revitalize our schools, and achieve safe and affordable housing for all. I’m so proud to be in this fight because it’s not only about preventing the worst outcomes of the climate crisis. A Green New Deal is about rewriting the social contract and taking the revolutionary steps we need toward the bright future that all of our kids deserve,” said Rep. Bowman.  

“My district faces immense losses and exorbitant costs if we don’t take immediate and dramatic action to address the climate crisis. Sea level rise alone is projected to cost San Mateo over $39 billion over the next 50 to 100 years, and the Bay Area is far from alone,” Rep. Jackie Speier (CA-14) said. “As temperatures rise, so will incidents of extreme weather, rising sea levels, and an increase of airborne illnesses. Unless we act boldly now, climate change will continue to cost countless lives and billions of dollars, result in devastating losses of wildlife and species, generate climate-related migration, and destroy economies. That is why I support the Green New Deal. Congress must work together to meet critical emissions goals and invest in a sustainable future for the wellbeing and survival of current and future generations.”

“Today Democrats are launching a whole-of-government effort to combat the unprecedented threat of climate change. For our children and the generations that follow, it is essential that we enact this watershed plan into law,” said Rep. Pascrell. “The Green New Deal acknowledges what is happening to our planet and offers a broad plan of action that will create union jobs. Ambitious national goals serve as a catalyst for mobilizing our skills and American ingenuity. Just as President Roosevelt’s New Deal marshaled forward-thinking urgency for a better America, our Green New Deal embodies that same urgency and aspiration. Our refusal to do the absolute most that we can to reverse the impact of climate change would be a crime against our children today and posterity tomorrow. We must act now.”

“From the devastating wildfires in my home state of California to the snow storms in my birth place of Texas, there’s no denying that the climate crisis is here, and the threat to the safety and economic security of our communities is growing by the day,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “In order to ensure a healthy and safe future for our children and grandchildren, the federal government must invest in bold policies that address the climate emergency head on, especially in communities of color and low-income communities. Our solutions must match the scale of the crisis—that’s why I’m proud to support the Green New Deal.”