(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - This Thursday, May 28, at 7:00 P.M., Congressmen Jamie Raskin (MD-08) and Jim Himes (CT-04) and Walter Shaub, the former Director of the Office of Government Ethics and current Senior Advisor at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, will host a virtual discussion about the need for strong, constitutionally-based Congressional oversight during the coronavirus pandemic. During the last three months, Congress has authorized approximately $3 trillion to combat the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). A disproportionate amount of these federal relief funds initially benefited well-connected private corporations, revealing the need for strong congressional oversight of this funding. Other abuses of power in the private sector have not ceased just because we are experiencing a public health emergency.

“I’m pleased to be joined by Representative Raskin from the House Oversight Committee and Walter Shaub, the go-to expert on ethics in Washington, for this vital discussion,” said Rep. Jim Himes.  “Oversight is one of the fundamental powers of the Congress and the American people are depending on us to fulfill that duty during this crisis and beyond.”

“In order to legislate effectively with respect to COVID-19 and indeed any other public policy problem, Congress needs to assemble information to determine what is happening in the Executive Branch and in the country,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin. “Alas, this Administration has refused and ignored dozens and dozens of Congressional subpoenas and requests for information that we need to do our jobs. Madison said that ‘those who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.’  Without that knowledge, we lose the power of self-government. Oversight is essential if democracy is going to work.”

"The Trump administration's continued assault on accountability measures in our government erodes the good faith the public has in our government to do the right thing,” said Walter Shaub. “We must continue to shine a light on some of the administration's most flagrant and offensive transparency and ethics violations."

WHEN: Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 P.M. 
WHERE: Watch the discussion live at www.facebook.com/repjimhimes/live