(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) joined Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23), Lois Frankel (FL-21), Jackie Speier (CA-14), Ted Deutch (FL-22), and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL-26) in requesting that Attorney General William Barr immediately expand the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) current inquiry into Jeffrey Epstein’s questionable death and instead conduct a wider independent investigation into the circumstances that resulted in the DOJ offering this sexual predator an extremely lenient and potentially illegal plea deal.

The Members wrote:
“Limiting the scope of an independent inquiry solely into his death is grossly inadequate, and would ignore the various DOJ officials who have allowed this serial pedophile to elude true justice for more than a decade.”

Immediately after Mr. Epstein’s death, Attorney General Barr called for a DOJ Inspector General investigation to examine the questionable circumstances surrounding it. However, this limited inquiry will do little to provide true justice for his victims.

The Members continued:

“Mr. Epstein is alleged to have manipulated every level of our legal system, through his wealth and political connections.  If justice was indeed for sale, or the process that led to the non-prosecution agreement violated ethical and legal standards within the Department of Justice, the Inspector General must conduct a thorough investigation that extends far beyond the jail cell where he died. Mr. Epstein’s victims have been denied justice at every turn so far. They must be granted this dignity, while some measure of true accountability is still within reach.”

A copy of the signed letter is available here.