Three glasses shattered to the sound of hundreds of cheers and “mazel tovs," and three couples under three chuppahs kissed the first kiss of their married lives. All three were now legally wed, in the eyes of Jewish tradition and of the United States — a wedding that none of them could have in their native country.

“Israel is the only democracy that doesn’t give all Jews the freedom to marry,” marveled Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the head of the Reform movement, which is the largest Jewish denomination in the United States but is marginalized in Israel.

To protest Israel’s strict marital law, a policy that some candidates in the country’s upcoming election have pledged to overhaul, more than two dozen American rabbis and hundreds of congregants gathered at Washington Hebrew Congregation in Northwest on Tuesday night for a very unusual sort of political demonstration. A demonstration with a six-tiered white cake, a hora, a first dance, and six brides and grooms.

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