(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) joined more than 225 of his colleagues in cosponsoring H.J.Res. 46, a privileged resolution to terminate President Trump’s unlawful national emergency declaration diverting billions of urgently needed Department of Defense military construction funds in order to fund his fantasy border wall.

"I'm proud to cosponsor this resolution to end President Trump’s 'emergency' declaration to build his fantasy wall," said Raskin. "Having failed to convince Mexico or the United States Congress to pay billions for his folly, he faces a political debacle—not a national security or military emergency.”

This privileged resolution would terminate the emergency declaration under the authority provided in the National Emergencies Act (NEA).  The House will pass the resolution on Tuesday, after which it will be sent to the Senate and then to the President’s desk. 

Background: The National Emergencies Act (NEA) includes a process by which Congress can terminate a national emergency through expedited legislative procedures by enacting a joint resolution. Under the NEA, a joint resolution to terminate a declared national emergency must be reported out of the committee of jurisdiction within 15 calendar days and considered on the floor within 3 calendar days after being reported. The joint resolution must then be referred to the appropriate committee of the Senate with an identical expedited process and timeline.