(WASHINGTON, D.C.)Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) has released the following statement regarding the tax reform framework released by the Trump Administration and Republicans today:

“Republicans have apparently decided to approach tax reform with the same failed strategy that they employed for months in the health care debate. Instead of engaging in bipartisan discussions to come up with the best ideas, holding open hearings to solicit expert input, and publicly debating the merits of different policies, Republicans are reportedly meeting in secret behind closed-doors on a one-party basis to come up with a tax plan.  I fear that what follows will be an attempt to ram another lopsided proposal through Congress with no transparency, no public debate and no meaningful opportunity to improve the legislation.

“Democrats stand prepared and ready to work with Republicans to dramatically simplify the tax code, get rid of special interest loopholes and giveaways, and make the whole tax system fairer for middle-class families.  But real tax reform without blowing up the deficit will only be achievable through a thoughtful, public and bipartisan process—the exact opposite of what our friends across the aisle did with their serial health care repeal debacles. I urge the GOP leadership to abandon its secretive partisan tactics and work to engage Democrats – and the American people – in this important discussion so we can produce the best possible legislative outcome.  Regular order and bipartisan collaboration is the only way to make this work.”