Education Resources for Students

Federal Resources

Smithsonian Institute: The Smithsonian Institute created a digital resource guide for students here. This guide includes:

Library of Congress: The Library of Congress also created a resource guide here. This guide includes:

The National Gallery of Art also has resources for students here and the National Archives has programs here.

State Resources

The Maryland State Department of Education has a COVID-19 resource guide here. Click here for additional resources for students from the Maryland Department of Education.

Maryland Public Television (MPT), WETA, and Howard University Television (WHUT) created the “At-Home Learning” initiative, a public TV program consisting of 11 hours of educational programs. You can learn more about the initiative here and live stream the programs here.

Maryland AskUsNow! is an online information service with Maryland libraries. Sailor is an online research database offered through Maryland public libraries

For any updates on Maryland school closures, click here.

County Resources

Montgomery County

For information about Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) remote learning objectives and plans, click here. MPCS has online homework resources for students here.

Frederick County

For information about Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) online learning program during coronavirus, click here. FCPS has general information for students here.

Carroll County

Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) has a list of online learning resources here. Click here for updates from CCPS on COVID-19.